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Subject: Acceptance Letter from CEMovers [Print]

Author: admin    Time: 8-4-2013 14:26     Subject: Acceptance Letter from CEMovers

Hello Dear Client,

If our moving quotaton is "OK", then please copy below contents and paste to our mailbox . Please complete and return below form by mail to our office at your earliest convenience so that we can arrange your move if you decide to choose CEMovers as your moving company..

I wish to accept your quotation ,

The Cost : ________________   Dated: _______________

Name: _______________    Mail :_________________________

Collection Address:_____________________     Telephone:    ____________

Mail:   ______________

Contact Name, Address and Telephone at Destination (if available)

Name: _________________________

Telephone: ________________________


Insurance Required:  YES / NO (Please circle) Value to be insured:  ______    (Please indicated currency)

Storage Requirement:_______________________ (Please state number of months, if any)

Personal Arrival Date at Destination :  _____________________________

Delivery Date (Approx.) :  __________________________________

Bill to be settled by :          Cash :   Yes  (        )    Others  (      )  

(If your company will pay for this move, you can pay us firstly and we can offer Fapiao )

Customer Signature: ________________    Date:_______________

China Express Movers
M: 1371-777-2317
Author: admin    Time: 13-12-2013 08:13

If your move is not so big , I mean that small move , Please call us and tell us : your move boxes or furniture size and your home whether have elevators in both places and whether need stair handling , then we can quote for you at once.

If you have a big moving , we need to make a survey at your home. Then we quote for you after finishing checking , if the price is ok , please sign Acceptance Letter , We can arrange to deliver carton boxes in advance for you...
Author: admin    Time: 13-12-2013 08:16

Moving is very easy thing for us because we are beijing movers , china express beijing movers , this is our job , we are good at this , we know how to operate, how to protect your belongings ....

If you have Piano and big Fish Tank and Big Wall units , this is also not problem , we have Moving Expert who are good at moving these stuff....

Small Move ? No problem , Call us for requesting the price....
Author: admin    Time: 7-6-2023 11:34

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