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Subject: Moving from Beijing to Hongkong ,Movers in beijing [Print]

Author: admin    Time: 18-5-2012 16:54     Subject: Moving from Beijing to Hongkong ,Movers in beijing

China Express Movers started business in Beijing since 2006,which is specialized in household goods and personal effects transportation from beijing to hongkong; Sino-HK Relocation; warehousing; large-scale office moving service. CEMovers has good cooperation with big imp & exp companies, shipping lines, airlines and worldwide forwarder network.CEMovers provides our customers with professional logistics solution. As a leading service provider in China, CEMovers will continue to offer the best service for our every customer.

About CEMover service:

(1)Well trained and experienced sales advisor to provide you free pre-move survey and make move plan.
(2)Packing team to provide you with internationalized packing service.
(3)Good storage facilities ensure your belongings safely and peace of mind.
(4)Professional packing supplies and vehicles to ensure you get a cost-effective and smooth move.
(5)Efficient and Safe and High Quality Packing Material is the reason why choose us
(6)It took about 4- 7 days , your belongings will arrive in hongkong from pick-up in your beijing's home. our professonal packers will offer packing servie.
(7)Our competitive price is importance reason for us !

We promise you that you will get top quality service with preferential price

Services scope

(1) Household Goods & Personal Effects Transportation
(2) International、Domestic & Local Move
(3) Professional Packing service
(4) Office moving service
(5) Warehousing and storage
(6) Relocation service from Beijing to Hongkong

China Express Movers
T: 010-5628 3376
M: 1371-777-2317
M: ,
A: No.56 , Shibalidiancun , Chaoyang District , Beijing , PRC
Author: admin    Time: 29-9-2013 10:40

Moving and Relocation from beijing to hongkong is very easy. Just tell us when you want to move , we will go to your home to make a survey and then tell you our moving rate , if you think that our price is ok, then sign our acceptance letter , thus we can go ahead. we will offer packing boxes and packing service , we can offer door to door service. as soon as your belongings arrive in HK , our agent will contact you and arrange delivery to your home in HK.
Author: admin    Time: 29-9-2013 10:41

What can not carry by mover ?

Alcohol , Liquid stuff like shampoo , liquid cosmetics  , battery, pirated cds and dvds.
Author: admin    Time: 29-9-2013 10:43

How long from beijing to hk by truck ?

It took about 5-6 days from beijing to HK.

we can offer special custom clearance. very effective
Author: admin    Time: 29-9-2013 10:43

Normally no custom duty occur from our truck transporation.
Author: admin    Time: 9-10-2013 10:49

If you have not got Hongkong Address , then please store your belongings in beijing because we offer the cheap storage charge.
Author: admin    Time: 3-6-2015 10:06

Moving and Relocation service are expensive in HK. So when our agent called and arranged well to deliver to your home , Please wait and get ready to receive your goods.
Meanwhile move from downstairs to upstairs , They charge are also very expensive. So if you rent a house , please rent a house with elevators and no stairs hanlding happen will cost less.

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