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Packing boxes | Tapes | Bubble Roll | Newsprint on Sales

If you want to pack your belongings by yourself , you can buy our packing boxes and tapes and newsprint and bubble pads for protecting your household effects in transit.

our moving box dimension:

Large box : 60 cm long x 50 cm wide x 50 cm high

Medium box: 50 cm long x 50 cm wide x 50 cm high

Small box : 50 cm long x 35 cm wide x 35 cm high

Tapes for sealing your carton boxes

Bubble Roll for packing porcelain and kitchen utensils.

Papers for wrapping delicate items ... p;do=blog&id=33

If need these moving Materials, Please call : 13717772317
we can also offer wooden Frame or wooden crate for your tv , mirror or painting move service.

small marble table also need to load into wood crate for safe and no damage occur....
Shipping Piano also need crate loading
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