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Welcome to Online Relocation Quotation

In order to make a accurate online quote for your upcoming move , please copy and paste below info to our mailbox then reply our question , we will quote for you soon.

Personal   Company  Company name   
Mr.                 Mrs.
First name         Surname   
Cellphone             Home tel   Office Tel   
Fax                       Email address   

service type:  

International move
Domestic move
Local move
Office move

Please list all the items need to be moved in each room:

■ living room  
■ dining room
■ kitchen
■ study room
■ family room
■ master bedroom
■ guest room
■ girl's room
■ boy's room
■ garage
■ basement
■ bathroom
special service requirement:

Do you need us to make wood crates for Large mirror, oil painting, fragile handicraft , Piano ... ? please clarify :  
Yes       No
Stair carry/hoisting(eg. Piano, queen bed, sofa, stone carving)
Yes       No
Handyman service(eg.Hang picture, repair and polish furniture, whitewash wall,repair faucets)
Yes       No
We will quote for you by mail : , , Tel: 010-56283376 , 13717772317
If your move is not so big , I mean that small move , Please call us and tell us : your move boxes or furniture size and your home whether have elevators in both places and whether need stair handling , then we can quote for you at once.

If you have a big moving , we need to make a survey at your home. Then we quote for you after finishing checking , if the price is ok , please sign Acceptance Letter , We can arrange to deliver carton boxes in advance for you...
Moving is very easy thing for us because we are beijing movers , china express beijing movers , this is our job , we are good at this , we know how to operate, how to protect your belongings ....

If you have Piano and big Fish Tank and Big Wall units , this is also not problem , we have Moving Expert who are good at moving these stuff....

Small Move ? No problem , Call us for requesting the price....
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