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How to transport your goods domestically , Move to Hongkong ?

Hello Dear Customers,

China Express Movers can offer moving service from beijing to any one city of china.

How to transport your goods?

Firstly:  call us or mail us and told us you want to move your belongings from beijing to other any city or two cities. we will go to making a survey at your home and tell you the price according to cubic meter of your belongings. Or if you know how many cubic meter or how many boxes then you can told us directly by telephone. we can quote it.

Secondly: when you agree our price , we can deliver some packing boxes for you in advance so that you can pack some clothes if you want. on packing date , we will pack all your stuff.

Third: Finishing packing , we will give you packing list and signed by both , it mean that we got your beloingings then we will pick up all packing boxes , loading into the van and get ready to transport. Attention: when you decide to ship TV Set or Glass table top , or valuable things , we will make one or serveral wood crates for safety consideration.

Fourth: you pay us in cash. if need invoice or fapiao , then please tell us at least one day in advance , Our accountant will offer the fapiao to packing supervisor who bring the fapiao or receipt to you when pick up your service charge.

Firstly: it took about 2-7 days will arrive in any city  where you want to go. so please arrange your time . when the goods arrive at your new home, we will call you and discuss when we can deliver your goods to you.

Moving from Beijing to Hongkong ?

At CEMovers , you can get fast transport service from china to hongkong, it took about 4-5 days from pick-up to your hongkong home. our quotation is simple and straightness and important point : cheap

Need transport insurance ?

Please contact us . the rate is 3% of your declared value. but one form charge CNY500 minimum.

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M : 1371 777 2317
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CEMovers since 2006 , Start our new moving business , Our devotion win over more customers choose CEMovers....
We will make a great effort to make you satisfied with our service...
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