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Moving Survey Form in Beijing | Moving Quatation and Rate Form

Address 2:  
City/Country - Origin:  
City/Country - Destination:  
Cell Phone:  
Type of Goods:   Household Goods ( )    Office Items/Equipment ( )
Type of Service:  door to door  ( )   door to port ( )  port to door ( )
Transportation Method: by sea  ( )   by air ( )   by land ( )
For big quantity of goods to move, We are happy to arrange for a FREE pre-move survey at your home, please specify your preferable date and time:  
for a smaller consignment, please provide us an approximate weight or volume of your total items  :     weight  ( )     volume:  ( )

Furnished Rooms in your household.

How many bedrooms ?  

Furnished Rooms in your household. Select any of the following options that apply:  

play room

Any unusual items, special requests?  

Do you need more information on specific relocation requirements? If so, please specify here : (     )

Please tick if Storage is required  yes ( ) No (  )

Expected Date of Move  

Who will pay for move company (name)

When should we contact you  

Did you use any Mover in past  yes ( ) no ( )
If Yes please provide Name  
Your last moving experience  

- Urgent      yes    no

More Comments  ?

Please copy above all contents and paste to our mail :

Thank you for completing this form. Our moving specialist will contact you shortly.
If your move is not so big , I mean that small move , Please call us and tell us : your move boxes or furniture size and your home whether have elevators in both places and whether need stair handling , then we can quote for you at once.

If you have a big moving , we need to make a survey at your home. Then we quote for you after finishing checking , if the price is ok , please sign Acceptance Letter , We can arrange to deliver carton boxes in advance for you...
Moving is very easy thing for us because we are beijing movers , china express beijing movers , this is our job , we are good at this , we know how to operate, how to protect your belongings ....

If you have Piano and big Fish Tank and Big Wall units , this is also not problem , we have Moving Expert who are good at moving these stuff....

Small Move ? No problem , Call us for requesting the price....
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