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Beijing Moving Company | Mobile: 13717772317

CEMovers offer Local Moving Service for Expat Families who live in Beijing. Our service including : packing and moving service , Transportation for household effects and files storage....   

What we do

1. Local Move and Office Move Service in Beijing

2. Household goods domestic move from beijing to other cities of China

3. Storage and record management


Mobile :010-5628 3376 , 13717772317 ( WeChat ID : beijingmover )


Relocation Service from Beijing to Shanghai

Move from Beijing to Tianjin

Move from Beijing to Dalian

Move from Beijing to Jinan

Relocation From Beijing to Chengdu ....

Relocation from Beijing to taiyuan

Service Tel: 010-5628 3376 ; 13717772317
One of the best things to keep in mind when undertaking a Beijing to Hongkong relocation is to be well prepared. Moving from Beijing to Hongkong can typically take 4-7 days . It is best to start at least a few weeks in advance of your move with a pre-move survey, the time at which a consultant will visit your home and measure the size of your shipment. He or she will also make a note of any special packing requirements such as the need for tailor made wooden crates for large or fragile items.
Be sure to research the customs requirements at destination. For a Beijing to Hong Kong relocation, we will require a passport copy and letter from you giving CEMovers the authorization to clear your shipment through customs. Another document required by customs is the inventory list that will be prepared by the moving company at origin. Normal household goods such as furniture, electronics and personal effects can be imported duty free into Hong Kong. Other items such as liquor and tobacco are dutiable.
Contact CEMovers prior to packing so that we can give you advice on what should and should not be shipped to Hong Kong. For instance, most foreigners living in Hong Kong find themselves renting an apartment rather than a house, so outdoor items should be sold or stored at origin. There are some key main factors that determine the cost of a move. For example, an air shipment is typically more expensive than a surface shipmenta and sea shipment . The other factors are size of the shipment, country of origin, and what value you attach to your goods for insurance purposes (the insurance cost of a move is a percentage of the value you place on the items shipped).
Our Professional Moves can packing your belongings and loading and transport to hongkong , believing it took about 4-7 days time to arrive in Honkong.
More economical transport way are coming ,it save money and time@ CEMovers will offer the best service for clients in every step of your move ! Call us and get quick and top quality moving service , the important point ,our moving price is the best for you ! Tel: 010 5628 3376  , 13717772317 , M : ,
Hello Dear Clients,
CEMovers ( ) is one household effects transportation and packing company. CEMovers is in Beijing . Service across China. established 8 years. our main business: relocation and moving service for our expat families in Beijing. You can always find us by the familiar name : China Epxress Movers ( ) or  CEMovers ( ) , that's us. we are beijing movers.
Our domestic move including:
Long distance transportation service from beijing to other china cities
Moving from Beijing to Hongkong, Macau
Moving from Beijing to Shanghai , Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Dalian.......
Moving from Beijing to Kunming ,Dali , Sanya , Taiyuan , Qinghuandao....
Relocating to Jinan , Qingdao , Yantai , weifang ? Beijing Mover can help you!
Do you need some packers ? your household effects need professional packing ? call beijing movers !
Short Term storage ? Call Beijing Mover !
Looking for local movers in beijing , beijing mover will be your smart choice because our rate is very low and quality mover.
Office Moving ? beijing movers can do that . we put it you decide .
Asking the price ? mail :
Mobile: 010-5628 3376 , 13717772317 , CEMovers
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