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Office Move in Beijing ?

If the thought of moving sends shivers down your spine, the thought of packing and moving your home office is probably even worse to contemplate. However, packing and moving your home office doesn't need to be a horror story come to life. You just need to be organized and a little creative to take your office to a new home.

Difficulty: Moderate Instructions
things you'll need:
Cardboard packing boxes


Packing tape

Black marker


Blank CDs, DVDs, or a computer zip drive

1.Start in one corner of your office, and begin to organize it before you begin to pack. If you have a lot of paperwork and other items to sort through, sort it now, and throw away what you don't need. No need to pack and move something you're not going to use when you get there!

2.Empty your desk a drawer at a time, and keep each drawer as separate as possible. Pack each in a small box and label it, or pack several in a larger box in bins or in folders.

3.Mark each box with a permanent black marker as you fill and seal it, so you can find it quickly after the move. It's a good idea to label the room it came from too, so when you're moving boxes you can take them directly to your new home office, rather than stacking them all willy-nilly in a jumble.

4.Keep a notebook list of the contents of each box. This may sound like "too" much organization, but when you're sitting in your new home office, and can't find the contract you desperately need, you'll be happy you have your notebook list!

5.Try to keep books and magazines together, so you can put them back in place in your new office.

6.Make back-up copies, CDs, DVDs, or some kind of back-up record of your computer files just in case something happens to your computer during the move.

7.Pack your computer and accessories last, so you unpack them first and get them set up right away.

8.Unpack your office and begin to enjoy your new home and your new office!
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